Nailsea Action Group (N.A.G.) was established at the end of 2015 originally to promote and protect Nailsea’s rural setting particular at its interface with the countryside around it.  Over the past three years our objectives have broadened into campaigning that, if and when the planned additional 3,000+ homes are built in and around the town,

  • there will be sufficient appropriate and sustainable infrastructure to support them
  • that the working, living and ecological environment is not only protected but enhanced
  • and that there is access to green spaces (especially where much may disappear) to maintain not least the quality of the air we breathe, but also for the benefit of physical and psychological health.
N.A.G.'s position and attitude to the proposed sale of land to the west of Engine Lane is, however, unchanged. We remain concerned that the site will not be used for the benefit of the community, and are unhappy about the manner in which this decision was reached. We accept that house building in the town will take place, and seek to ensure that this is in the best interests of the town's current and future population in terms of location, style, and environment.


We therefore support the Town Council's wish for an integrated 'masterplan' for Nailsea's future. This would include its aim to:-

  • re-balance the age distribution of the town's population,
  • utilise long vacated modern buildings in the Town Centre currently owned by Weston College,
  • seek the development of the long derelict brownfield Coates site,
  • adjust the Green Belt so that future development can be distributed around the town evenly thereby improving existing imbalances.

We would support the creation of a Nailsea Neighbourhood Plan, and an approach to planning that focusses on sustainable development which enhances the rural and urban environments of the town and community for the future.


We support the Nailsea Town Council in its quest for a good proportion of 'affordable' homes to be built.  However, we question their genuine affordability for the residents who want or need them.


The almost adjacent areas of land off Engine Lane, Youngwood Lane and The Uplands are all proposed for house building.  In the spirit of our founding principles, we are concerned at the prospect of the total loss of a significant area of open green space in the south-west quarter.

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